Spotter's Guide: ROCKS & MINERALS


This beautifully-illustrated field guide provides students and amateur "spotters" with the basics they need to identify rocks and more. Each guide begins with some general information about the topic and a discussion of any features that make different species or types easy to spot. The following field guide section features several different subjects on each page, each with a detailed, full-color illustration, name, and some other specific information. If the subject has different features that aid in identification, then the different parts are illustrated as well. But wait - what's the point of learning to find all these different types of organisms if you can't show off that you've seen them? Just for this purpose, each entry also features a blank circle to "check off" the item when you've seen it, and to carry this further, there is a chart found at the back of each book that functions both as a sighting scorecard and as a spotting journal. Each item in the field guide is assigned a point value, and when you've seen it, you can check it off on the card, and enter a date as well. Each guide is 64 pages long and small enough to fit in a big pocket (or backpack) for your "spotting" hikes.