Explore the properties of pendulums and clocks first-hand with this Construct-A-Clock. Learn how gears work and promote cognitive development. Perfect for the budding scientist, this pendulum clock is simple and quick to assemble. Build a clock within 10 minutes, wind it up and watch it run for over 8 hours! No tools or batteries required!
Includes step-by-step, color coded instructions. Introduces mechanics and helps with those time telling skills. Fascinate young minds with its turning cogs and swinging pendulum. Order yours today!
  • - Construct-A-Clock from Heebie Jeebies
  • - Colorful cogs assembled in a clear plastic case
  • - Build it in 10 minutes, wind it up, runs for over 8 hours
  • - Instructions are easy and color coded
  • - Promotes cognitive development
  • - Recommended for ages 6-10