Chalk Alive 4D Interactive Chalk Art - Unicorn/Butterfly/Mermaid


Create drawings that come alive! With Chalk Alive, creating art with sidewalk chalk transforms into an exciting augmented reality experience! First, head outside with the 6 colorful sidewalk chalks and 3 character stencils included and prepare to create a portal into a whole new world of lively, creative fun! Use the chalks to color in the unicorn, mermaid, and butterfly stencils. Then, download the free, interactive Chalk Alive mobile app — Android and iPhone compatible! Scan your art, snap a photo using the app, and watch your drawings come alive — in 4D! Give the unicorn some candy pops and watch how much she enjoys them, tap the mermaid to see her change color, wave or even blow a bubble kiss! Flutter around a whimsical world with your butterfly — see what happens when you tap the flowers! Bring the wonder of your imagination to life and share it with the world on social media!

SET INCLUDES: 6 Sidewalk Chalks (Yellow, Blue, White, Pink, Green, Purple), 3 Stencil Designs (Unicorn, Mermaid, Butterfly)