Trick Board Rainbow


Introducing Flybar Pogo Trick Board.

• The Flybar Pogo Trick Board is a new twist on a retro classic. It is easy to learn and easy to get going. Just fill the pogo ball with the included pump and kids will be smiling and jumping in no time.

• Made of a strong elastic plastic material that flexes enough for a fun bouncing and pogo tricking.
But, it is strong enough to with stand 160 pounds. (max weight.)
• Custom Flybar printed top non-slip foot deck with High Grit grip tape will give you plenty of control when attempting cool tricks.
• Small and lightweight with built in handles - so you can bring it with you anywhere.
• Adjust pogo ball size for your ability. More inflated give you more bounce but less control.
Beginners should fill the pogo ball a little less to practice control. Either way, it will be fun.

-Max weight is 160 pounds.
-Comes with Trick board, inflatable ball, and ball pump.

Ages 6+