Keeper with Animals


Creativity, fun, and joy await with the PLAYMOBIL Keeper with Animals Giftset! This enchanting set is not just a toy; it's a party in a box. It comes already packaged in a decorative box that even has space for the birthday child's name. Say goodbye to the hassle of wrapping – this gift set is already perfectly presented. Dive into the world of underwater birthdays with the adorable seals. In this unique set, the seals celebrate their birthday, and their dedicated animal caretaker is dressed as a fish, equipped with a trumpet for a grand entrance. Using a fishing rod, she feeds the seals a feast of fish stored in a cooler with ice cubes and a giant salmon. But that's not all! The star of the show is the impressive sea lion, who, with the help of a special adapter, can balance a birthday cake on its nose. Both the sea lion and the seal have movable heads and flippers, adding to the realism of the play.

Ages 4+