Stellar Stardust Inspirational Board


Dream up your own designs and display your favorite keepsakes with your own mood board décor kit! Inspired by the ethereal beauty of the sky, this set comes with a rainbow-shaped corkboard designed to help you create a mood-boosting environment anywhere you wish. Collect the things that inspire you, from photos to fun patches. Then, check out the designs on the punch-out sheets, choose your favorites, and use the included push-pins to connect them to the board. From glistening gemstones to inspiring quotes, make your corkboard even more special with stickers and sparkles! Hang real quartz crystals from the slits at the bottom of the board — complimented by satin fabric strips, sequins, and shapes — for an added sense of calm. When you’re finished designing, mount the board on a wall by sliding nails or screws into the keyhole slots on the back. Once you’ve shared your goals, wishes, and dreams, use the included sunshine spray to fill any room with love and positivity!

Ages 8+.