Lolly-stick Puzzles - Animals


These animal puzzles from House of Marbles are a brilliant way to entertain and educate your little ones! The eight puzzles inside feature awesome animal-themed illustrations are simple yet fun, for any child 18 months and above.

Next to each illustration is the name of the wild animal so as your child grow they can use these to learn the names. The illustrations include popular animals such as an Elephant, a Crocodile and a Lion. The bright and simples puzzles each feature eight lollipops sticks that have been printed on either side. The set also contains a board for you to line them up on. These will aid in your child’s hand-eye coordination, confidence, concentration, logical sequence control and many other benefits! This all comes in a sturdy box for you to store the puzzles in when you are not playing with them.

Improve your child’s puzzle-solving skills with this charming set. It makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift that is sure to become a playtime favorite!

Height (cm) 19.50
Length (cm) 27.00
Depth (cm) 4.00

Suitable for children from 18 months plus.

Supervision recommended for children under 3 years.