ColorKu Wood Board Game (1-player game)


If you're a fan of Sudoku, you and your family will love ColorKu! ColorKu is Sudoku in Color.  Instead of using numbers to solve the puzzles, ColorKu uses brightly colored wooden marbles.  Playing the puzzle on a wood board also allows you to rotate the game to give you a different perspective as you play.

 Colorku will help sharpen you Logic and Deductive reasoning skill!

 The ColorKu game comes with 104 puzzle cards in five levels of difficulty.  The cards tell you  where to place the marbles on the board to start your game.   The puzzle is solved by placing the remaining marbles on the board so that there is one marble of each color in each row, each column and each of the nive 3x3 squares.  The game emphasizes logic, deductive reasoning, problem solving and FUN!

 The gameboard-crafted of  wood-includes 81 marbles  in 9 different colors, a playing and storage tray, 104 puzzle cards in five levels of difficulty,  a puzzle card holder, a solutions sheet, and a color conversion card that will allow you to take Sudoku puzzle that use numbers and convert the numbers to Color and solve them on your ColorKu Board! .

Place it on the coffee table and you're ready whenever you feel like a challenge.

- 1 Wooden board made from recycled rubber wood
- 81 small colored wooden balls (9 red, 9 orange, 9 yellow, 9 light green, 9 dark green, 9 light blue, 9 dark blue, 9 indigo, 9 violet)
- 104 game/puzzle Cards – in 5 different difficulty level (Easy, Moderate, Challenging, Tough, Extreme) with puzzle card holder.
- Solution sheet for all puzzles

Ages 8+