My Weird School: Miss Bernard Is a Wild Card!


Welcome to Ella Mentry School, the weirdest elementary school in the history of the world. Things just got even weirder with the arrival of Miss Bernard, a new teacher encouraging kids to say whatever they want about the other teachers! And that is just what you’ll do in this sentence-building game that proves school can be serious fun and certifiably weird. In this hilarious game of more than 570,000 card combinations, get the first two cards on your board to rhyme, complete and read aloud your weird sentence and add up all your points. The player with the most points after three rounds wins the game!

FUNNY! – With all the humor found in Dan Gutman's popular My Weird School books (which you don't need to know anything about to play), this laugh-out-loud game is perfect for primary school kids and families.

EASY RULES – Who wants to read rules for an hour before you play a game? Not you! Reading the well-written rules of this game takes less than ten minutes, and after playing one round, you’ll know exactly what to do!

EDUCATIONAL – Kids will develop reading, math and strategic thinking skills all while playing a game!

BEST PRESENT EVER? – If you give this game as a present (for birthdays, holidays, whatever), you will likely be considered the greatest gift giver ever.

A KIDS GAME THAT PARENTS WILL LOVE – This is NOT one of those kids games that parents dread. The My Weird School game makes a fun Game Night for everyone!

Ages: 6-10 (+Family) / 2-4 Players