Backyard Safari Critter Shack

Capture, store, and observe all kinds of creatures on the go!

With its sturdy design, strong handle, and vented lid that snaps on for a secure seal, this carrier makes it easy to explore and observe nature's creatures safely.

Catch bugs, frogs, lizards, or whatever else you can find.

You can even fill it with water and catch fish!

Whether you're looking for a better way to capture creatures or you just want a closer look at nature, the Backyard Safari Critter Shack is the perfect tool for the job.

Backyard Safari Critter Shack
  • Transparent box with vented lid and handle for catching small critters
  • Encourages outdoor exploration, an appreciation for nature, scientific learning
  • A safe and exciting way for kids to get a closer look at nature
  • Breathable mesh lid - Air goes in, creatures can't jump out
  • Sturdy carrying handle - Easy to hold while hiking and exploring
  • Water-tight base for catching fish
  • Features information card with list of bugs to look for in the wild
  • Includes lid, handle, container
  • Strong, sturdy materials for lasting durability

  • 4+