Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science

Discover the FUN behind scientific learning with a kit that truly astounds!

Eleven mind blowing experiments delight and educate young scientists, inviting them to experiment, investigate, explore, and learn through hands-on, action-packed fun.

Erupt a color changing volcano. Mix up magic ooze with a mind of its own. Mix safe chemicals and watch colors change before your eyes.

Play with sand that never gets wet, set up a weather station, explore acids and bases, make clouds and icebergs, create crystals, and watch powders dance.

With simple instructions that are easy to follow and detailed explanations that are easy to understand, kids get in touch with their genius mad-scientist side without any frustration.

Meanwhile, they'll be learning all about basic principles behind science including the difference between acids and bases plus how to use a test tube and a pipette.

Put on your lab coat, ready the supplies, and get ready to be amazed with the Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science kit.

Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science
  • Science kit for getting kids excited about the fun of science
  • Encourages following instructions, logic, scientific learning
  • Kids love to see science in action and learn how it works
  • 11 amazing experiments for kids to do
  • Learn about basic principles of science - Difference between acids and bases
  • Learn about different tools - Test tubes, pipettes, and more
  • Includes red cabbage powder, citric acid, baking soda, 3 color tablets, vegetable oil, cross-linked polyacrylamide, 3 test tubes with caps, 3 plastic cups, 2 cotton swabs, 2 measuring scoops, 2 stir sticks, test tube stand, pipette, corn starch
  • Full science guide with instructions included
  • High quality materials for exceptional scientific experience
  • 6+ with adult supervision