Strawberry Swing (Coldplay lyrics)


“I remember

We were walking up to strawberry swing
I can’t wait till the morning
Wouldn’t wanna change a thing . . .”

Strawberry Swing is a tenderly illustrated picture book of one of Coldplay’s best known songs. It was the fifth single released from their hit album Viva la Vida, and gained widespread acclaim for its accompanying stop-motion animation music video.

With lyrics by Coldplay and illustrations by Mitch Miller, Strawberry Swing tells a sweet story of friendship, encapsulating the innocence, fun, and struggle of finding someone special—and wanting to share every moment with them.  The book provides an excellent opportunity to introduce Coldplay’s irresistible melodies to children who will delight in both the music and the message.

  • Hardcover: 24 pages
  • Published: 6/1/21
  • ISBN: 9781617758409