Vintage Frisbee

  • WHAM-O 81118 Frisbee classic 90g
  • Manufactured by WHAM-O
  • The Classic Wham-O Frisbee is the American iconic must have toy for everyone, if looking for a gift for kids to play outside-get a Classic Frisbee
  • Pull the family together with a game of Frisbee with the Wham-O Frisbee, a great toy for the back yard, the park, picnics, the beach and re-live your childhood
  • The Classic Frisbee fly’s great but is light enough for smaller kids, easy to throw and catch, get your kids out doors with some physical activity
  • A great toy for kids and pets; even your dog will love chasing and playing with the Classic Frisbee toy
  • Assorted Colors: blue, red and yellow
  • Recommended for Ages 5+