Whirling Waterfall


A unique bath toy, powered by water, for bath time fun! Stick the whirling waterfall to the bottom or side of the tub and pour water over the cups to see the wheel spin. Simply spin the wheel to watch the rainbow of colored cups come to life. As it spins, beads rattle inside to stimulate hearing. Inspire all the baby's senses with this one of a kind bath toy!

Additional Product Details

  • Suction cup base sticks to the bathtub floor, wall and any smooth surface for frustration-free play. A fascinating wheel toy even outside of the bath!

  • Spinning wheel encourages baby’s natural batting action. Soft colorful cups move as baby pours water over, teaching concepts of movement and re-action.

  • Colorful beads trapped within the clear center structure allow baby to connect sound, sight and motion.

  • #13051

  • 7” L x 9.5” W x 2.25” H

  • Ages 1+