Pet Tornado (Made in USA)

Hold one of the most destructive forces of nature in the palm of your hand!

Simply shake this unique device in a clockwise motion - Immediately, eyes widen with excitement as a powerful funnel begins to form.

Wonder abounds and curiosity is sparked! - Which is perfect because printed right on the back is plenty of fascinating info about tornadoes.

Inspire a new appreciation for nature and science with the Pet Tornado.

Pet Tornado
  • Unique device that creates a mini tornado when shaken
  • Encourages an interest in meteorology
  • Shake in a clockwise motion - A funnel begins to form
  • Features tornado info printed on the back
  • Includes one Pet Tornado
  • Great for classroom lessons, a fun addition to weather-related science fair projects
  • Quality materials and construction - Lasting durability
  • 7+