Onyx Axolotl


Onyx is THE daredevil when it comes to the Palm Pals. If you're looking for someone to join you on a super-tall roller coaster, Onyx has you covered. Ever wanted to try roller derby? Onyx runs the team and saves you a spot! No matter how intense or scary, Onyx has probably done it and would love it if you joined in.

Onyx Axolotl™ is a plushie with a velvety charcoal-grey body, complemented by fluffy, dark tufts on the sides of his head, resembling the unique gills of an axolotl.

I love to push my limits to see how daring I can be. Explored underwater cave systems? Yup. Take to the skies with Dragons? You bet. Watched a scary movie by myself in the dark? With one eye open, but that still counts.