Sudoku 5x5 Magnetic Travel Puzzle (1-Player Game)

Tired of the same old Sudoku puzzles? Elevate your puzzle-solving experience with our Colorful and Shapely Sudoku Magnetic Travel Game!

Arrange the colors, numbers, and shapes to solve each puzzle. Perfect for on the go wherever you go, Sudoku 5x5 does away with boring pen and paper sudoku and bring an exciting color challenge to shape the minds in all way. With 40 challenges with progressive difficulty, the game is perfect for new gamers or seasoned Sudoku players.

Elevate your Sudoku game today and embrace the world of numbers, colors, and shapes in a whole new light!


60 Challenges (30 Double-Sided Challenge Cards), 25 Magnetic Number Tokens, Self-contained box with play surface and storage, Instructions with Solutions
Ages 8-adult