Feeding Time with Ellie and Sawdust

Ellie's greatest passion is western riding. Her Tennessee Walker mare Sawdust, whose coat is flocked, also loves the challenge of working as independently as possible and reacting only to the slightest weight and thigh aids from Ellie. In order to influence Sawdust less via the reins, Ellie rides one-handed - like a real cowgirl! During horseback riding training at Waterfall Ranch, the two make several laps around a barrel.
    Fun Fact: Ellie's family has lived in Waterfall the longest, which means she knows the ranch area like the back of her hand.
Discover the picturesque Waterfall Ranch in California's White Mountains. Here the five best friends Amelia, Isabella, Zoe, Ellie and Ben spend every free minute together with their horses. Between riding training and horse care, an exciting adventure always awaits them. Ellie is an enthusiastic western rider and trains whenever she can with her mare Sawdust. After the training there is of course a delicious reward. Sawdust is flocked and loves to be petted. A great gift or souvenir for horse-loving kids aged 4 years and up.