Battlebots Rivals 6.0


Power up with the newest HEXBUG BattleBots - - Rivals 6.0! Featuring the latest designs from the 2021 Season… Rusty and HyperShock have joined the fight. With all-new features, these BattleBots are ready to level the battlefield! These bots are compatible with all BattleBots IR products. Battle up to four bots simultaneously with a multiple-channel controller (each sold separately). Knock your opponent’s armor off to win the battle, reattach the armor, and prepare for round two!


  • •IR control system
  • •Battle compatible with most existing IR robots
  • •Includes BattleBots Rusty and Hypershock
  • •3 pop-off panels/parts per bot, simulating battle damage
  • •Multiple channels allow up to 4 robots to battle at the same time (each sold separately)
  • •Batteries included