Gecko Run: Twister Expansion Pack


With the Gecko Run: Twister Expansion Pack, you can give your marbles a real spin. This not only brings extra fun to your Gecko Run marble run, but also makes the laws of physics visible.

The Twister Expansion Pack comes with over a dozen pieces to complement the Gecko Run Starter Set, including a twister stunt; additional marbles and nano-adhesive pads; 2 extra tracks; and more.

  • Intuitive: Tracks attach to smooth surfaces with the help of clever nano-adhesive pads that stick to smooth, vertical surfaces around your home
  • Mess-free: The pads are not glue-based and can be quickly and easily repositioned without leaving behind damage or sticky residue.
  • Open-Ended: Position in endless configurations on smooth surfaces 
  • Educational: Develop engineering and problem-solving skills, and see physics in action
  • Tracks made from renewable raw materials
  • Ages 8+