Ooly Princesses & Fairies Coloring Book


A world of colorful magic awaits with the Princesses and Fairies coloring book! 

  • PROMOTES CREATIVITY - The imaginative Princesses and Fairies featured in these coloring pages inspire kids to be creative with their color choices.
  • FUN TRAVEL COMPANION - This multi-page coloring book is the ideal travel companion with hours and hours of creative and fun activities for your kids.
  • GREAT VALUE - This coloring book contains lots of coloring detail that fill each page, enabling kids to color as much or as little as they want.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS - These coloring pages are made from thick and durable paper that prevents coloring pens from bleeding through to the next page.
  • FINE MOTOR DEVELOPMENT - Coloring activities help your kids develop good finger grip. It provides an opportunity to practice holding a pencil the correct way and aids in development of the tiny muscles in his wrist, fingers and hands.
  • 31 perforated 8x10 color-in sheets
  • Age 3+